Hey there, my name is Anastasia Green and I'm addicted to building meaningful companies and lives. 


I came from a simple, hardworking Ukrainian family. At a very early age, I learned that the world is not equal and not fair. The post-communist mentality was preaching to stay quiet, obey the rules, be like everybody else, don’t question the authority and follow the path that you were given. 

The biggest gift my parents gave me is the wisdom of knowing that no matter how low I have to start, how little I have in my pocket, how cheap is my cloth, where I will get in life, is only up to Me.

I was blessed with a rebellious character and a huge urge to make a world a better place. I felt the need to create my own systems as an entrepreneur and use technology as a scalable tool that can touch millions of lives. To grow and learn from the best I immigrated to San Francisco, the heart of technological entrepreneurship. I became one of the fearless startup founders and built products that are enhancing human experience within the workspace. Ava - engagement and employee satisfaction tool and Aura - decentralized hiring platform.


Now I’m empowering humans and corporations to acquire a new mindset and set of tools to make a shift towards open, transparent,  financially free and thriving society.

I am on the Mission. 


Much love,